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MLB News Notes and Mailbags: Week of 3/30-4/5

The baseball season is now a week old so let’s cover some of the big news and notes from this past week.

  • Shohei Shows Up

  • After an entire Spring Training of doubt and speculation of whether or not it was worth the minimal $3.5 million dollars that were given to Ohtani to bring him over from the Ham Fighters. Ohtani has shown the ability to capitalize on mistakes. The two home runs that Shohei hit were on a curveball and fastball in the middle of the plate. Ohtani showed the dominant arm that brought him his ticket to the Majors this past Sunday, April 1st. Save for a 3 batter stretch Ohtani pitched very well ending with an overall line of 6 innings pitched, 3 hits, 3 runs, 1 home run, 1 walk and 6 strikeouts to an era of 4.50. It’s a good start for Ohtani and it will be interesting to see where he next start takes him.
  • Kershaw is Human

The best pitcher of the last decade Clayton Kershaw is now seemingly a pitcher in transition. Once a pitcher who could dominate each and every lineup time in and time out. He has now is subsequent starts given up home runs to two different left-handed batters (Joe Panic-SF Giants, Daniel Descalso-AZ DBacks). Kershaw has been the best pitcher and will find his way pitching with less “stuff”.

  • Yankees 3-Headed Monster Rages

For the first time, this season the New York Yankees version of Cerberus turned up in the Bronx. All three men hit two-run home runs in the Yankees 7-2 rout of the Tampa Bay Rays. Look for this power display several more times throughout the season.

  • Didi’s Big Bronx Day

In the New York Yankees 11-4 demolition of the Tampa Bay Rays the Yankees shortstop, Didi Gregorius made history with his 8 rbi Opening Day performance. Didi is the most underrated ” clean-up” hitter in baseball. Didi will have many opportunities this season to clean up the bases.

  • Weather Weirdness

The weather has been crazy this year, to say the least. There have already been quite a few postponements. Starting play earlier in the calendar year can have much to contribute to that. But it has made for some cool views.

  • New Manager Blunders (Kapler, Boone)

I have previously covered my thoughts on these two new managers so I won’t go into too much detail but to say that they have had a rough start would be putting it mildly, to say the least.

Trust the Process?!

  • Harper Playing for Payday

Bryce is about the have a very big payday coming his way. Harper is already one of baseball’s best players and is still only 25 years old. He will be entering free agency at the age of 26 just like Alex Rodriguez when he signed his mega-deal with the Texas Rangers back in 2002. If Bryce keeps his current pace up look for historic never before seen monster number in his contract.

  • Astros are Still Hungry

Over the last few seasons, there has been a clear difference in the teams that compete in the World Series from one year to the next. And that has seemed to affect the 2017 NL Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. But it seems to have no bearing on the World Champion Houston Astros. They appear to be as driven as they were in 2017.

  • Are the Marlins that Bad?

Yes, yes they are. The Marlins are trying their hands at “building” something sustainable in Miami. But what they build there is going to be a lot of losing going on.

  • Can Thor Continue to Dominate

Syndergaard is playing to vindicate himself from a self-induced injury plagued 2017 campaign. Noah has been dominating in his two starts, racking up a total of 17 strikeouts in 10 innings pitched. Syndergaard will look to continue striking out the world en route to an NL Cy Young Award.

  • Blackmon Got Paid

The Colorado Rockies have locked up their center fielder Charlie Blackmon, to a 6 year $108 million dollar deal. This deal is a good move for the 32-year-old outfielder given the current free agent climate we witnessed this past offseason. The 6-year deal will take Blackmon into his age 37/38 season.

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