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Finally It’s Here MLB Opening Day

Today is “Opening Day” and for the first time in 50 years all MLB teams will be opening up the 2018 season on the same day.

Baseball is a special game, that is seemingly almost divinely inspired. Things that seem almost random are exactly the way that they should be, the bases perfectly 90 feet apart. It’s been said that if the bases were 88 feet apart everyone even the fleetest of foot (ala Billy Hamilton or Dee Gordon) would be thrown out at first. And on the flip side if the bases were apart by 92ft then even a runner with a fully delepeted speed component (ala Greg Bird or Albert Pujols) would beat out plays at first base.

The fact that the game has been essentially played the same way for centuries. 9 men on the field and the only sport where the defense has control of the ball. A team war comprised of individual battles.

These epic encounters are able to take hold of not just fan bases or cities but they can take hold of countries. For example the Toronto Blue Jays closed out the 2018 Spring Training campaign in one of the most incredible and heartwarming fashions. Over the last few seasons the Blue Jays play a game in Montrel at Olympic Stadium. It was in that ballpark many years ago that a young slender kid from the Dominican Republic began to make a name for himself and begin to forge thay legacy that would lead him u to Cooperstown this upcoming Summer. That young man was Vladimir Guerrero. Fast forward to the final Spring Training game of 2018 the Blue Jays are in a 0-0 tie heading into the 9th. Up comes Vladimir Guerrero…Junior.

It is moments like this that help make baseball the greatest game ever. Vladi Junior donning his father’s number in his father’s old “office” of Olympic Stadium crushes a walk off home run. Not only does he carry his father’s name sake and look like him he has the same swing.

Baseball is a game that spans generations and can bring people closer together and far apart at the same time. A household divided on which direction of the subway line to take (Yankees/Mets). But yet a new family can be born out of an allegiance to a team. Wars are fought daily on twitter as to who is the best team (New York Yankees) and which team has the best fan base (New York Yankees).

Starting today baseball will take over many TV’s and mobile devices, with everyone watching to see the magic that is capable of being had around every corner. Every game has the potential to produce something incredible. Every game has the potential to see an incredible feat that recalls a memory of yester-year.

Today begins the marathon that is the Major League Baseball season. Today we start to follow the season long storylines that will capture the imaginations of all the fan bases throughout the league. Today embarks the war of attrition of thirty teams which will slowly dwindle down to only one. The long awaited Major League Baseball season begins…Today!

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