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Make it or Break it

The Teams Most Likely to Have One Last Shot in 2018

The process of winning a championship in Major League Baseball is a very difficult one. Many things have to go well, a few things have to turn out great and you have to have a bit of luck. There’s also a “Window of Opportunity” that you have to compete for a World Series crown, so we are going to cover the four teams who’s window may be closed after the 2018 season.

  • Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have been an underrated team for the last few season. Seemingly out playing the preseason projections every year. However in 2018 the Orioles have four key players set to become free agents. Star shortstop Manny Machado, closer Zach Britton, centerfielder Adam Jones and setup man Brad Brach. These players have been the key contributors the O’s successful past runs. On top of the players that will be free agents the contracts of Manager Buck Showalter and General Manager Dan Duquette are expiring after seasons end. The 2018 season for the Baltimore Orioles will be the epitome of one last hurrah.

  • San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are taking a different approach to the 2018 season, while many teams are “tanking” the Giants are going for it. It doing so the Giants acquired two franchise faces (Evan Longoria, Andrew McCutchen) to their own franchise core. The Giants are banking on veteran players with championship pedigree to guide them to their championship aspirations.

  • Toronto Blue Jays

The home of the “Bringer of Rain” Josh Donaldson and how JD goes so go the Blue Jays. Donaldson is set to become as free agent after the season’s conclusion. However unlike Baltimore and Manny Machado the Blue Jays and Josh Donaldson have mutual interest in furthering their relationship. Donaldson has already been on record in stating that he would like to remain a Blue Jay beyond the 2018 season. This bodes well for the Blue Jays as once again how Josh Donaldson goes so go the Blue Jays.

  • Washington Nationals

It has become a theme in this piece but impending star free agent players control ,much of the destiny of their current ball clubs. And that same principal can be applied in the Nations Capital Washington D.C. As the Washington Nationals phenomenal superstar Bryce Harper is set to be a free agent after this season. Harper’s free agency case will be the most intriguing to watch play out. Now some might question “Hey the Nationals have more superstars than just Bryce Harper”. And this is 100% true, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, baseball’s best kept secret Anthony Rendon and Trea Turner are all superstars that are going to be on the Nationals roster after the season is over. But it’s Bryce that is the big name superstar. Whether you love him or hate him he draws a crowd to see him. Personally I think that Bryce is an incredible talent and his competitive drive is what fuels him.And it’s that competitive drive that makes him the polarizing figure that he is.  The Nationals much like the Toronto Blue Jays are in a position that they may be able to bring back their superstar and in doing so extend their ability to compete. However, if they are unsuccessful in their attempt to get out of the first round of the post season, 2018 may be the Nationals last shot at gold and at keeping Bryce Harper.

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