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3 Keys Needed for a Successful WWE #UltimateDELETION

On Sunday an article came out on the Daily DDT entitled “Matt Hardy Must Shine vs Bray Wyatt at Ultimate Deletion”. The premise was writer Tom Clark pleading with the WWE to allow WOKEN Matt Hardy the creative control necessary to make this Ultimate Deletion match up and ultimately (pun intended) the WOKEN gimmick work.

The article got me thinking about what made the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick in TNA/Impact work so well, and it was Hardy himself being given that creative freedom as Clark explained in his article. But the WWE won’t allow Hardy complete creative there are certain things that can be done/allowed by WWE to insure that this Ultimate Deletion match is a successful one. We must at all cost avoid a “House of Horrors” match repeat.

So there are three essential aspects to this matchup to make it successful.

WOKEN House Hardy

When the Broken gimmick was used a key aspect to it’s success was the inclusion of Matt’s real life family. This aspect has been teased and will hopefully play a role moving forward in the #UltimateDELETION match. The inclusions of Queen Rebecca, King Maxel, Lord Wolfgang, Señor Benjamin and Brother Nero can help aid the story that must be told with this match.

Hardy Compound 

When the Broken gimmick was give it’s reign with Impact Wrestling the Broken characters where able to full captivate the audience with such a unique and immersive feel unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in professional wrestling. This time that same magic must be recaptured. The gritty “in your face” type feel, the unpredictable nature of what the Hardy Compound could contain within it. When House Hardy was dominating the wrestling business back in 2016 the WWE tried their own knockoff version of this type of display with ironically enough the “Wyatt Compound”. The Wyatt Family took on the New Day, the match merely showed that the WWE knew the brilliance and magic that House Hardy captured with multiple events emanating from the Hardy Compound.


Yes, I understand your state of perplextion that you find yourself in when reading realism in a Hardy Compound fight. I understand that it seems off to suggest that a match involving the “Eater of Worlds” and the man who is WOKEN. However when I say that a key aspect of this match must be realism I mean in the sense of the way the match is booked, it can not be lowered into a bout of comedic relief. This matchup must be hard hitting like the rest but also contain elements that make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up.

The blueprint for this match must be taken from the Final Deletion match between Jeff Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy. That same type of booking where this match feels like a fight to the death is necessary for this feud to have the kinda of realism needed to not make it the lackluster program that it has been thus far.

So WWE remove all impediment from the WOKEN One so that he may DELETE. So that we may not longer be “regaled” by the awful “divinations” of such atrocities as the aforementioned House of Horrors or Wyatt Family Compound. Allow the WOKEN One to complete his “Premonitions” and rid the world of the “Consumer of Terrestrial Entities

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