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To Extend Or Not To Extend That Is The Question

Late last week the Houston Astros gave the reigning American League Most Valuable Player a 5 year $151 Million dollar contract extension. This got me thinking about who the New York Yankees should give a contract extension to and what that contract could look like.

Who’s Getting Extended ?

So let’s set some guidelines before we get to deep, most of our key players aren’t even eligible for arbitration yet so players like Gary Sanchez, Aaron judge, Greg Bird and Luis Severino will not be on this list. Yes is it wrong that the runner up for the 2017 AL MVP Aaron Judge is only making a $622,300 dollar this season (according to However, this is the way that the CBA was set up it limits money on young players and this piece isn’t about to start to breakdown that particular problem.

So the players to follow are three players that the New York Yankees should consider extending in order to keep them with the team at a reasonable price. So first up we will begin with the Yankees shortstop.


Didi is going into his age 28 season and he is coming off back to back tremendous season for the Yankees. In 2017 Didi team the franchise record for single season homeruns by a shortstop (25) surpassing the mark set by Derek Jeter (24). Didi is currently in the last year of arbitration and is making $8.25 million this season. Gregorius has proven how valuable he can be for this team, not just on the field but also in a energizing leadership capacity. Sir Didi is a true fan favorite which was something that was never a sure thing given he was tasked with taking over for Jeter when Derek retired. The Yankees have a great many middle infield prospect in the minors that can handle shortstop lead obviously by the Yankees number 1 prospect Gleyber Torres. However, Didi is still young and has proven to be able to handle the bright lights of New York City.

OFFER: 3yrs $30 Million


When the New York Yankees traded to get Tommy Kahnle along with David Robertson and Todd Frazier from the Chicago White Sox prior to the 2017 trade deadline, Tommy was the player most raved about by reporters because he added extra versatility to the Yankees already impressive bullpen. Fast forwarding to the 2018 New York Yankees bullpen and Tommy Kahnle will be just as crucial. Kahnle will be playing the majority of the 2018 season at 28 years of age, and he won’t become a free agent until off-season of 2020-2021. So the Yankees can take advantage and work out a deal to buy out his arbitration years now and give Kahnle some financial stability.

OFFER: 3 yrs $12 Millon


Betances is the most interesting case in terms of whether or not to give an extension. Dellin become a free agent during the off-season of 2019-2020 and arbitration has been quite a roller coaster for Dellin and the Yankees (well mostly just Randy Levine). In an effort to get the best out of Dellin and avoid any issues both parties came to an agreement this season of $5.1 million. It’s not question that Betances has the “Stuff” to be a dominant closer but in the few opportunities he’s had at that role the success has not translated. Which is what makes determining a possible extension tricky.

OFFER: 2yrs $16 Million

These three men are going to be a key part of what the Yankees accomplish in 2018 and moving forward. The idea in extending these players allows the Yankees to keep more of the current established order intact. These players will be giving their more productive years to the organization and have some financial security in doing so. While allowing the Yankees the financial flexibility to go out and pursue other players to upgrade where every needed. The financial commitment on the Yankees for these three players towards the $197 Million dollar luxury tax would be a combined $22

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