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The Biggest Fight That Could Never Happen…Right???

Well a couple reports out now on Bleacher Report caught my eye and sparked the theme for this piece.




As a fan of pro wrestling I watched a lot of CM Punk’s matches and he was one of my favorites. So when he decided to walk away from the business it was a sad day for wrestling fans. However, I believe that even if he never returns he is still one of the greatest to ever lace up wrestling boots. Punk has had a love for MMA and a desire to test himself in that field and I for one was hyped at this idea. And while Punk’s first bout in the UFC didn’t go as he or his fans would have liked, it was something that you knew he wanted to try. Punk is a determined made and if you watched his ascension in the WWE you know that he shattered many glass ceiling. So while the idea of a 40 year old man moving into the highly aggressive and competitive octagon would be seen as ill-advised the one guy I would never bet against is CM Punk.

The other part of the interesting premise doled out by the Matthew Ryder is the inclusion of the 40 year old boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. Money Mayweather has a professional boxing record of 50-0. After his “final” boxing contest against The Notorious Conor McGregor claimed he was retiring from boxing. However now it’s been reported that he will “soon” begin training with UFC Welterweight Tyron Woodley.

Let’s be clear a matchup between CM Punk and Floyd Mayweather is not happening (at least not anytime soon). But the idea being proposed initial by Joe Rogan on his podcast about these two engaging in a fight in the octagon is absolutely intriguing to me. This fight would bring out three different segments of the combat sports/ sports entertainment fanbases. The pure name recognition on this fight alone could draw unseen amount of money. Now as a novice mixed martial artists fan I won’t try to tell you the merits that this fight could have. I won’t try to tell you the technique that could be employed in a fight like this. But what I will tell you is I would pay my hard earned money to watch this fight.

While a fight like this is not completely probably just the possibility that this could be coming to pay-per-view has me setting aside the probable $100 price tag usually associated with Mayweather fights. Now CM Punk is rumored to be stepping back in the octagon in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois in June. And Mayweather has stated that he may need 6-8 months to train for a octagon debut. So if this fight could happen it would probably be in early 2019, and I for one am very much going that CM Punk, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Dana White want CM Punk’s 3rd and potentially last fight in the UFC (Punk’s contract was a 3 fight contract) to break the bank and cause a euphoric experience unlike anything we have seen in history.

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