The Ledger Spotlight: Chris Grant Jr

Chris Grant Jr is an up and coming musical artist. Chris is studying to better his craft at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Grant Jr was a former voice over actor on the Nickelodeon show “Backyardigans” as the voice of Tyrone. Chris also has a EP out now entitled “Departure Pt 1”. The following article is an interview that was done with Chris covering a few topics, mostly related to the music business and his personal path to success.
What is the hardest part of breaking into the music industry ?
– “I think taking the very first step of putting yourself and your music out there is a challenge. They say you only get one shot at making a good first impression. That first release is kind of scary. Not to say it’s all smooth sailing after that, but at least you have something to build from.”
What is the hardest part of the music making process ?
-“For me, finding new inspirations is the hardest part of making music. I never want to stay in the same place for too long in my music. So finding new ways to grow and change is difficult, but it’s also the most satisfying part of the process.”
Where do you draw inspiration from ?
– “I’d say I draw my inspiration from my personal life as well as from things that I see going on around me. I believe you gotta create from the heart, you know? Like your music has to come from a place that’s real to you. So that’s what listeners can always expect from me, you know, that my music is real life.”
Do you create your own music and lyrics ? 
– “So, yeah, going back kind of to my last point, I want it to be real. So I always want to write my own stuff. Now, that’s not to say someone else can’t write something that resonates with me, but I’m not gonna sing anything I’m not feeling myself. I can proudly say that as of today I’ve written all my own stuff.”
What is the feeling of having your own songs out for the world ?
– “It’s amazing. It’s frightening. It’s exhilarating. It’s gut wrenching. It’s all of those things rolled into one feeling, if you can imagine that. You hope they like it…You hope they love it! The music is like your child. You work hard to make it everything it can be. Of course you’re going to be nervous when it leaves your computer and goes out for all the world to hear. But you know inside it’s a good thing.”
When and how did you start making music ?
– “When I started making music I was around 5-ish years old. I started using GarageBand on a second-hand Mac and I fell in love. Music was my first love.”
Favorite Artist when you were growing up ? Favorite artist now ? 
– “Oh without a doubt my favorite artist growing up was Michael Jackson. Honestly, he still is my favorite. Just how he was able to impact not just the music world, but fashion, music videos, movies, tv, etc. He had a profound impact on all of these industries and I don’t think anybody has done that since on his level. Currently, I do admire what Drake is doing. Chance and Bruno as well.”
What are some hobbies and interest outside of the music field that you have ?
– “I can’t afford hobbies. No, actually I really do love sports. Huge football fan growing up. Go Eagles! Basketball too. I play golf now. I really enjoy that.”
Who or what are your biggest influences ?
-“I’ve always been inspired by Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Walt Disney…Those are the main ones.”
What is it like going to Berklee for music ? 
– “Berklee is awesome man! Nah, I think the cool thing about Berklee is just being around so many creative minds. I mean, to wake up everyday around some of the most talented young people in the world is truly something special, man. I’ve been blessed for sure.”
Where do your see your career headed ? 
– “All the way up man! No, all jokes aside, I was always raised to dream big and aim high. And I know I’ll never fail because I’ll never quit. So yeah, skies the limit in my eyes.”
What are some of your career goals ?
– “Well, I’m very blessed to have reached a lot of my milestones very early on. It’s been a humbling experience to get to a place where I’m running my own label, confident in my craft and have my music distributed worldwide. But like I said, skies the the limit so I definitely have my eyes set on topping the charts, winning some Grammy’s, setting some records. All of that is on my radar.”
What kind of future projects do you have in the works ?
– “Well, I’ve released a couple of singles so far this year and they’re part of my next E.P. Departure Pt. 2.”
Or any upcoming gigs or shows ?
– “Of course. Yeah I’ve got some stuff in the works. Can’t really speak on it right now, but some performances coming down the line. Right now, like I said, I’m really focused on promoting Back Bay and Departure Pt. 2.”
How do you market your music ? Where can it be purchased ?
– “Social media is big for us. You’ve gotta be online nowadays. I just dropped a new track, Back Bay and we really focused on getting it out there. The response has been incredible. I think social media is essential. As far as where you can’t find my music, it can be bought online and streamed pretty much anywhere you listen.”
Where can people follow you ? 
– “You can find on the main at @chrisgrantjr on all the big platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Despite some of the stuff being said…with Kylie Jenner and everything, I still enjoy Snapchat.”
 Chris is a very talented musical artist who is growing his brand and his business. As he stated his music can be purchased or streamed from “pretty much anywhere you listen”. I’ll make it easy he is a link to his first E.P. Departure Part 1, Chris Grant.

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