The Jokers Origin Movie

The nerd community recently received news about an origin movie for the Joker.  This news shocked and excited me.  To my knowledge it is not yet set in stone as to who will have the honor of playing the clown prince of crime, but it will most likely be Joaquin Phoenix.  “Why him?” I originally thought on hearing the news, I could not see why they would pick him until I saw his picture Jokerised and compared it to the rebirths comic representation of the Joker.  The two are identical but, this cast choice brings up a few questions.  First why cast another Joker for a origin story when you already have Jared Leto, especially a older actor to play a younger character.  Second why an origin story and not just a solo film, for those of you who do not know the Joker has a mysterious past that we know little about.  This shady past for me adds to what a great villain he is setting him apart from the common foe, and he should not have a set origin.  Rumors of the Joker being a failed comedian who worked at Ace chemicals, then dressing as the first red hood, robbed Ace Chemicals and fell into a vat of mush as he ran from batman.  This origin is about it and is normally referred to as Jokers beginning, we do not have a name or much more.

My idea for this movie would not reveal an identity of the Joker, but consist of flash backs surrounding his past while he terrorizes gotham, finding himself as a crime lord and making us laugh in the process.  Since it is a origin story it would open with a dripping Joker crawling out of a pipe line with Ace chemicals in the back ground.  The newly born Joker would crawl to a puddle see his new face and start laughing uncontrollably in the pouring rain, while the opening  credits role.

The rest of the movie would be a string of murders and chaos similar to a dead pool movie.  While this happens a newly starting batman, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is chasing him trying to send the Joker to Arkham Asylum, where he is appointed the psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel teasing a possibility for a sequel.  If this movie happens I would prefer it to be a omage to the most infamous comic book villain and not be done poorly or hastily as many of the recent DC movies are.  if done correctly this could be a very good movie.

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