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30 MLB Teams Awards

Now I’ve already made my prediction as to the entire league awards for the 2018 season. However each team will have someone that is the backbone and the anchor of both the lineup and the pitching staff. Most of these projections just like my league wide predictions will not be utterly surprising, but some might be. Again just like the last list it is merely a prediction in which a number of factors can change the potential outcomes. And just an interesting exercise to look back on at season’s end to see just how many were correct. This list is just about the Most valuable Player and Cy Young to each team.

We will begin in the National League West Division and work our way back to the American League East to close it out.

National League West

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw
  • MVP: Cody Bellinger

Arizona Diamondbacks 

  • Cy young: Zack Greinke
  • MVP: Paul Goldschmidt

San Francisco Giants

  • Cy Young: Madison Bumgarner
  • MVP: Buster Posey

Colorado Rockies

  • Cy Young: Jon Gray
  • MVP: Nolan Arenado

San Diego Padres

  • Cy Young: Clayton Richards
  • MVP: Eric Hosmer

National League Central

Chicago Cubs

  • Cy Young: Jose Quintana
  • MVP: Kris Bryant

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Cy Young: Carlos Martinez
  • MVP: Marcell Ozuna

Milwaukee Brewers

  • Cy Young: Corey Knebel
  • MVP: Christian Yellich

Cincinnati Reds

  • Cy Young: Luis Castillo
  • MVP: Joey Votto

National League East

Washington Nationals 

  • Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg
  • MVP: Bryce Harper

New York Mets

  • Cy Young: Noah Syndergaard
  • MVP: Michael Conforto

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Cy Young: Aaron Nola
  • MVP: Rhys Hoskins

Atlanta Braves

  • Cy Young: Julio Teheran
  • MVP: Freddie Freeman

Miami Marlins

  • Cy Young: Jose Urena
  • MVP: JT Realmuto

American League West

Houston Astros

  • Cy Young: Justin Verlander
  • MVP: Carlos Correa

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  • Cy Young: Shohei Ohtani
  • MVP: Mike Trout

Seattle Mariners

  • Cy Young: James Paxton
  • MVP: Kyle Seager

Oakland Athletics

  • Cy Young: Kendall Graveman
  • MVP: Matt Chapman

Texas Rangers

  • Cy Young: Cole Hamels
  • MVP: Adrian Beltre

American League Central

Cleveland Indians

  • Cy Young: Carlos Carrasco
  • MVP: Francisco Lindor

Minnesota Twins

  • Cy Young: Jose Berrios
  • MVP: Eddie Rosario

Chicago White Sox

  • Cy Young: Carlos Rondon
  • MVP: Jose Abreu

Kansas City Royals 

  • Cy Young: Danny Duffy
  • MVP: Salvador Perez

Detroit Tigers

  • Cy Young: Michael Fulmer
  • MVP: Miguel Cabrera

American League East 

New York Yankees

  • Cy Young: Luis Severino
  • MVP: Aaron Judge

Boston Red Sox

  • Cy Young: Chris Sale
  • MVP: Mookie Betts

Toronto Blue Jays

  • CY Young: Marcus Stroman
  • MVP: Josh Donaldson

Tampa Bay Rays 

  • Cy Young: Chris Archer
  • MVP: Kevin Kiermaier

Baltimore Orioles

  • Cy Young: Michael Givens
  • MVP: Manny Machado


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