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Laracuente Ledger’s Pre-Spring Training World Series Prediction

Obviously, this is early and a lot can change between now and Opening Day, (Which should be a National Holiday, by the way). The PECOTA team projections were released on Wednesday February 7th and thus giving way to predictions of World Series matchups. These are the projections from PECOTA


In my book some values are lower than what I believe they will be, namely I believe that the LA Angels of Anaheim will be better than the projected 80-82 record. However, for this exercise I used these projections to base my prediction.

When looking at the records the division winners are obvious and easy to see, the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, and Houston Astros are the division winners in the American League (AL). And the Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, and LA Dodgers the division winner in the National League (NL).


The Wildcard winner in the AL are the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. The NL wildcard winners were the Arizona Diamondbacks and the second place team record-wise was a tie between the St Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants. I just flipped a coin and the Cardinals won. Becoming the second Wildcard team.

The Wildcard games were played in Boston and Arizona with both home teams winning and advancing on.


Now if you watched the playoffs last season we have the exact same matchups for the Division Series again. And they break down the same way. The Houston Astros having the nest record in the AL host the Boston Red Sox. And the Cleveland Indians play host to the New York Yankees.

In the National League the LA Dodgers host the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Washington Nationals hosted the Chicago Cubs (they also had the same record and a coin flipped determined home field advantage).

The Winners of the Division Series matchups were the same as last season:

Astros topple Red Sox in 4 games

Yankees beat Indians in 5 games

Dodgers sweep DBacks

Cubs beat the Nationals in 5 games


Same matchups as in 2017 The Astros and Dodgers have the home field advantage, however unlike in 2017 it does not do them any favors.

The Winners of the Championship Series are:

Yankees beat the Astros in 7 games

Cubs over Dodgers in 6 games.


The Yankees by way of a 96 win regular season have the home field advantage although after game one you might have known it.

GAME 1: Cubs over Yankees 8-3

GAME 2: Yankees over Cubs 6-4

GAME 3: Yankees over Cubs 2-1

GAME 4: Cubs over Yankees 3-2 (In 12 Innings)

GAME 5: Yankees over Cubs 8-2

GAME 6: Cubs over Yankees 4-3

GAME 7: Yankees over Cubs 10-7

World Series MVP: Gleyber Torres

Gleyber Torres might be a strange and highly debatable pick for the World Series MVP but as the last few years have played out it isn’t the main superstars you expect, its the guys you don’t that give a huge impact.

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