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Women’s Elimination Chamber Participants

Following the WWE Royal Rumble on the Road to Wrestlemania is the Elimination Chamber PPV. And as announced on Raw Monday Night there will be the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Alexa Bliss the Raw Women’s Champion has been included as the match is for her championship. So the remaining 5 contestants will have to be announced. So here I give my 5 contestants for the First Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match.



Sasha has done a lot in a short time in WWE. She participated in several First Ever’s in the Women’s Division. First Ever Pay-Per-View Main Event, the first ever Ironwoman match, the first ever Hell in a Cell match, and she entered #1 overall in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. Look for Sasha to be apart of the first ever Women’s Elimination Match. Also side note I predict Sasha will either dive off a pod or climb up the side of the structure and jump off.



Sasha best buddy Bayley will also take part in the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Bayley a well documented life long wrestling fan will jump at the opportunity to be apart of this historic match.



Nia Jax is a lock to be locked in the Chamber match. She is a dominated force and can collaborate well with the other women in the match. Look out for a spot where she and one of the pods get very familiar with one another.



Mickie James has been one of the best superstars in the women’s division for years. And her ability as such a well rounded performer will be rewarded with her inclusion in this matchup. Mickie has the creative ability to work with the other women in this match to put on a show.



Now Rousey is the wildcard in this prediction as the report that Ronda had joined the WWE stated she would be “Full-Time”. Meaning that Ronda would be involved in matches leading up to, not just at Wrestlemania. So if that is truly the case having Ronda “LOCKED” inside the Chamber will have her feeling right at home. Now the Chamber is a brutal match to have someone so green in the industry involved but if the WWE wants to truly build Ronda as the “Baddest Woman on the Planet” as was mentioned on numerous occasions during the recap on Monday Night RAW. Then Ronda must be in the First Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

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