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The Curious Case of Manny Machado

Manny Machado has had an embattled career. He’s struggled through injury, controversy and ineffectiveness. Yet he’s also been one of the best young players in all of baseball. Recently the Orioles have announced that they will be moving Manny back to his natural position of Shortstop. With this move back to short we evaluate Manny Machado and try to project moving forward what will become of Manny’s career.

Machado rose through the Orioles farm system, he was drafted in 2010 (3rd Overall Pick) as a shortstop out of Brito Miami Private School (High School). Manny then made his debut for the Orioles on August 9th playing third base a position he had only switched to a few weeks before the call up.  At third base Manny has become arguably the best fielder, the conversation is between he and Nolan Arenado (Colorado Rockies). No one comes close to those two players.

manny 3rd base

In 2017 Manny was seen to have battled inconsistency and yet Manny was still 7% better than league average, league average according to OPS+ is 100. Manny is arguably his worse season since his injury year of 2014. Manny is a dynamic talent and depending on your preferential projection system will hit 30-40 homeruns, have 85-110 rbi’s and hit for a slash line of anywhere between .280/.340/.505 up to .290/.350/.550.

manny at bat

Manny will undoubtedly have a tremendous season en route to his “Walk Year”. And as a free agent Manny will have the opportunity to choose his next place of employment. Many speculate as to where Manny could potentially end up. The Phillies management has ties to Baltimore at the time of Manny’s drafting, others speculate the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox or the Chicago Cubs (my prediction is NY Yankees 8-10yrs, $280-350m). No matter where Manny decides to play he will command a lot of money. While big money deals on free agents have been taboo this offseason, Manny will not face the same issue.

As one of the best defenders and most exciting young players Manny is one to watch in the upcoming 2018 season. Whether at shortstop or at third base Manny Machado will have stellar defensive and an MVP type offensive year.

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