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Top 10 Left Fielders Right Now

Every year the MLB Network has a Top Ten Right Now series at every Position and here I will breakdown my top 10 at every position. Some you may agree with and some you might not everyone’s list would probably be different in some way shape or form and that’s the beauty of baseball always something to debate. On to my Top 10 Left Fielders Right Now.

Number 10 on my Top 10 Left Fielders Right Now is



The “Other” Khris Davis has been overlooked for a long time but has solidified himself over the last couple of seasons. K Davis has hit 85 homeruns. That is a huge number and even more impressive when you think about the fact that 81 of K Davis’ games are in the Grand Canyon aka Oakland Alameda Coliseum. 2018 loss to be another 40 potential season for Davis.

Number 9 on the Top 10 Left Fielders Right Now is



Now this pick may be somewhat out of place because Schwarber really shouldn’t be a Left Fielder. But in the Cubs lineup he will be and while the re are defensive concerns his offensive potential is real. And with the new look Schwarber expect him to be able to play more and thus hit more homeruns.


Number 8 in my Top 10 Left Fielders Right Now is



Rosario much like Khris Davis is relatively unknown to the mainstream media. But Rosario helped his cause in becoming a household name for his throw from right field during the WBC for “Team Rubio” or better known Team Puerto Rico. I’m expecting a big season from Rosario. A season where he elevates his game and becomes more known like fellow Team PuertoRico teammate Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez.

Next up number 7 is



Another spot of some controversy because overall undeniable talent would dictate that a higher spot is deserved by Cespedes. However, he has been to injury prone and thus the lower spot yet still top 10.

Number 6 is


Andrew Benintendi

Benintedni has remarkable skills and could honestly play center field for most teams but a superior defender in Jackie Bradley Jr and Mookie Betts forces Benintendi over to Left Field. A potentially great hitter Benintendi and well above average defender in left look for continued development out of Bean Town for this player.

And number 5 on the countdown is



Now some may question this placement but Gary had a breakout power campaign with 21 homeruns. And with the additions the New York Yankees made this offseason the Yankees leadoff hitter will undoubtedly see more hittable pitches as well as score more runs. Gardner score 96 runs look for that number to easily accede 100 runs this season. And Gardner is a Gold Glove caliber defender each and every year in left field. Since 2010 when Gardner became an everyday player he has 82 Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) tied for second with Starling Marte (Pittsburgh Pirates) and only behind Alex Gordon (Kansas City Royals).

The number 4 Spot belongs to



Now Rhys has not even played a full season and some may question why he is so high on the list. But the production was real and repeatable. Hoskins had 18 Homeruns in 170 At Bats which is a rate of 9.4 HRs per ABs.  Now thats a difficult pace to continue over a whole season but Hoskins has the ability to hit 30 homeruns in 2018. While not a typical left fielder Hoskins does play well in the outfield and will have a everyday opportunity for the underrated Philadelphia Phillies.

Number 3 on the list goes to



Justin Upton had an incredible All Star year in 2017 and received a brand new extension with the LA Angels of Anaheim for it. Now he will be locked in with arguably the best outfield in baseball. Look for another 30 homerun campaign from Upton as the Angels rely on him this coming season.

Number 2 is


MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins

Yellich while not being sure he will be a Marlin in 2018 can be sure to be a top Left Fielder in the game. Yellich while not ever being an All Star has produced like one.  A well above average defender in Left Field and has started developing more power at the plate. Yellich if he remains a Marlin in 2018 will be the undoubted star in the lineup.

And Number  1 is


Ozuna had an MVP caliber year and if not for Stanton hitting 59 homeruns Ozuna would have received more consideration. Ozuna is a Gold Glove caliber defender a Silver Slugger and a true MVP type player. In his new digs in St Louis Ozuna will be the middle of the order game changing bat and 2018 will challenge for the MVP.

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