The Betts on Mookie

It’s no secret that I am a die hard New York Yankees fan but I can recognize true talent and Markus Lynn Betts or better known as Mookie is a true talent. This young two sport athlete dominates the lanes and glides in the outfield. It’s not a combination seen very often but Mookie is as good as it gets in both the world of Professional Bowling and in the MLB.

Mookie was drafted out of high school in the 5th round (172nd pick overall) of the 2011 First Year Player Draft as a middle infielder (SS/2B) it wasn’t until later that the Red Sox decided to try Betts out as an outfielder because of his speed. Clearly the Red Sox made a good choice with that decision. Mookie has played across four season in the Majors and has become one of baseball’s premier defenders already achieving to Gold Gloves. And to go along with his Gold Gloves a Silver Slugger and 2 All-Star selections.

Betts had a breakout year in 2016 and was second in the MVP voting behind the winner Mike Trout. Mookie has the kind of drive and determination that almost rivals fellow teammate Dustin Pedroia. Like Petey, Mookie isn’t the biggest guy and at times been overlooked and overshadowed by larger more powerful athletes but that hasn’t stopped Mookie. Betts in four season in the MLB has 75+ homeruns and 300+ RBI’s to go along with 80 stolen bases. Mookie game isn’t one dimensional, he has the all around ability that one would look to for a cornerstone talent.

Depending on your choice of reference source Mookie has amassed a career WAR or Wins Above Replacement of either 20 (FanGraphs) or 24 (Baseball Reference). However, no matter which site you prefer Mookie has been superb in just four season in the MLB. Betts will be entering his 5th season as a member of arguably baseballs greatest outfield alongside of Andrew Benintendi and Jackie Bradley Jr, and Betts is the anchor that makes that core so special. His ability to impact that game on both sides of the ball can be astounding when you watch him play. He may not impose the same type of fear that David Ortiz did when he stepped up to the plate but I still don’t want Mookie up in a crucial situation.

Betts is projected to be a middle of the order bat in Boston for years to come . And 2018 should be a season that sees Betts look more like he did in 2016 than the slight down year that was 2017 for all of the Red Sox. Again depending on your reference site preference Mookie should hit around .300 have 20+ homeruns, 90+ RBI’s, 20+ stolen bases and another outstanding season for the Boston Red Sox. For those that may have not known about Mookie Betts be sure to keep an eye out for one of the MLB top young superstars for year to come. And this is coming from a Yankees fan so you can take it as the truth.

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