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A Lightning Rod

I wrote this piece on August 7th 2016 as a tribute to my favorite player just before his release from my favorite team. That release came after the game on August 12th of 2016.

When I purchased tickets to the August 12th New York Yankees game, it was meant to be a birthday gift for my Godson. Now that game and that day will mean more to me than to him. Why might that be you ask ? Well because on that day Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez will be playing in his last game with the New York Yankees. As of this writing he sits at 696 career homeruns, 3114 career hits, 2084 career rbi’s, 329 stolen bases. Obviously it has not been without controversy. However, A-Rod has had an amazing career and put up unbelievable stats. (Side Note: My take on the PED’s issue is you still have to swing the bat. Many players were believed to have used Performance Enhancing Drugs during the “Steroid Era” and did not put up the kind of legendary numbers that Alex has.) Now let’s be clear Alex has not failed a PED test. He did acknowledge the use of PED’s during his tenure with the Texas Rangers. And has served the longest suspension for PED’s the entire 2014 season. Alex in case you haven’t been able to determine by now is my favorite player, he has been ever since I started watching baseball back in 1996.


Alex has the kind of talent that transcended an entire generation. That the next generation of superstars have not only imitated Alex but also have gravitated to him. Superstars like Baltimore Orioles’s third baseman/shortstop Manny Machado, Seattle Mariner’s second baseman Robinson Cano, Oakland A’s first baseman Yonder Alonzo have stated how influential Alex has been for them.

a rod manny

Alex has helped transformed this wonderful game of baseball over his 22 seasons within Major League Baseball, and he will continue to do so for the New York Yankees. At roughly 11 pm Friday August 12th, 2016 when Mr. Rodriguez will have his wore the Pinstripes for the last time. He will move into a new role, a way to continue to pass along all the information and knowledge that Alex has amassed during his 22 year career as a special advisor and instructor. Young players within the Yankees farm system will have a huge asset in the tremendous climb to the big leagues.

Alex will have a number of opportunities after Friday night’s game, one of which he showed during the 2015 Post Season. As a TBS sports broadcaster during the playoffs Alex showed he prepared just as much for that opportunity as every he had on the field. Alex amazed a lot of people with his preparation and insight into the game. I for one was not surprised because Alex being the student of the game that he is, (as mentioned in a prepared statement by the Yankees Managing General Partner Hal Steinbrenner “Baseball runs through his blood. He’s a tireles worker and an astute student of the game.”

arod kid

So from humble beginnings to phenom…


To controversial status…


To the love/hate empire state of mind…


To a prodigal son of baseball returning home…


Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez is a 3000 hit man, a near .300 hitter, a near 700 homerun man. Great accomplishments and in my bias opinion a Hall of Famer. When Friday comes around it will be a bitter sweet day for me as my favorite player will be departing from my favorite team after an incredible 12 year run.

When I purchased tickets to the August 12th New York Yankees game against the Tampa Bay Rays I had no idea just how much these tickets would actually turn out mean to me.


Thank You Alex Rodriguez for all of the wonderful memories.


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