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The Wishlist: MLB The Show

So I’ve played MLB The Show for a long time now. It is hands down my favorite game to play. However, as with everything in life no matter how good it is, it can always get better. So I’ve devised a few things that I would call my wishlist to add to an already awesome game. So let’s get into it.

First things first….

  • 2 Way Players :

With Shohei Ohtani coming to play for the LA Angels of Anaheim this upcoming 2018 season the inclusion in the game of being able to be a 2-way player will be a very fun. Having a player who playing Shortstop one day and pitching the next day would add an interesting twist. Allowing all players of the show to figure out navigating the nuances of the 2-way player would be a great addition to an already great game.  Also in conjunction with the 2-way player ability.

  • Backup Position:

Being able to choose which positions our created players are capable of playing. Allowing us to choose any and all positions as possibilities which would give the limited 25 man roster spot more versatility. So when we decide to vicariously live out our dream through the game and create ourselves we can choose a Shortstop who catches plays third base, centerfield and comes out of the bullpen as a relief ace, that type of versatility can really help keep things interesting.

Now onto my next point.

  • Expanded Creation Suite

For the last several years we have gotten some additions to this part of the game, the inclusion of sponsors such as Nike, Mizuno, Under Armour have been welcomed and well received by all fans. However, we need more customization as well as more sponsors. So adding in things like

  1. Create A Franchise: Which would give the player the ability to create not only a team like we can in Diamond Dynasty but also where they play. Being able to choose a city, a team mascot, the logo, the uniforms and the ability to design the home ballpark would give fans added hours of fun and entertainment beyond the regular gameplay. Part of this process is already done, just have to take the creation aspects of the initial startup of DD and take it offline.
  2. Multiples Stance & Deliveries: Most switch hitters have subtle differences in the stances when at the plate, but imagine the possibilities of having a left-handed swing like Bryce Harper and a right-handed swing like Mike Trout. And Giving us the option to have a switch handed pitcher whose delivery right handed is Justin Verlander and as a southpaw Clayton Kershaw. The back and forth of managing against this type of pitcher or navigating through a lineup as this type of pitcher can increase the competitive drive of all players
  3. Face Scans: One feature that can and should be adopted from games like NBA 2K & WWE 2K is the ability to add one’s own face into the game to give added realness to the players we create.
  4. Editing the Real Players: Now obviously we can not edit their looks entirely but being able to change their hair and facial hair styles would add to the realism. As a Yankees fans everyone knows the team has a no facial hair policy and if I trade for a guy like Gerrit Cole who is a rumored trade candidate and has beard reluctantly I would need to remove the beard. So allowing a feature like this would be cool.

Now the next area of the game that I would like to see receive some additions would be to Road to the Show. RTTS is a very awesome concept because it gives fans the ability to live out a dream of being a baseball player. However, there are things that can add to the experience, here are just some of my thoughts on what should be added

  • Expanded Interactions: Some added cut scenes and well as the ability to initiate the interactions

  1. Interviews: Ala NBA 2K being able to engage with the media in Pre and Post Game interviews could add more to the gameplay and could help lead into
  2. Endorsements: Being approached by our Agent with endorsement deals that could allow us to be able to receive in-game equipment and game bonus
  3. Teammates: The ability to have a mentor and later in the career become a mentor to younger players could boost attributes
  4. Personality Traits: Being able to earn and learn different traits like leader or media savvy to help career but also having traits that can cause negative effects as well would make the game interesting
  5. Manager/ Coaches: Being able to discuss position changes and lineup positioning receive training on learning new positions.  Also having the option to discuss being sat down for rest or because of struggle with the manager
  6. Agent: Being able to call agent to request a trade or validation of trade rumors or who has interest once free agency is achieved
  7. Owner/GM: Discussing the future of franchise whether help in building a direction (i.e. Joey Votto/Reds-Rebuilding Franchise), or (i.e. Mike Trout/Angels- Drawing in other stars & free agents-Shohei Ohtani). Or not wanting to be apart of the organization any longer (i.e. Giancarlo Stanton-Not wanting another fire sale with Marlins). Team choosing player to become the Team Captain.

Now I know that some of these things would be easier and others would take a bit more effort and research to implement into the game but just some ideas. But I have one more idea

  •  Owner/GM Mode: So in this mode the game would start out with the player purchasing a team. Different organizations could be made available at random and the choice would have to be made as to which one you would choose based on a given starting capital. This would also lead to choosing the approach of whether to try and build upon the current roster (i.e. when the group purchased the LA Dodgers in 2012) or look to sell to build for the future (i.e. the current Marlins ownership group). The mode could include a lot of the features already involved in Franchise Mode such as hiring of coaches and scouts and the signing of free agents. But to also include some new things like
  1. Control of all Finances: So controlling all aspects of the organizations funds not just dealing with the salaries of the players/coaches/scouts.  But also dealing with things like concessions and merchandise and ticket sales. As well as endorsements for stadium and players. Different events like ballpark giveaways and fireworks night, Bark at the Park to draw more fans to the stadium
  2. Create a Franchise: So earlier I spoke about a new feature about the Create a Franchise so I will just say that having the ability to incorporate these same features in the Owner/GM Mode. Or the ability to be the Owner/GM just like we can be ourselves in the Road to the Show.

All in all I love The Show and I think that having a few of these features added could really add to the overall experience of a great game.

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