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Crucial Next Step In WWE’s Women’s Evolution

The WWE is at a crucial juncture in their development of the Women’s division. They are set to embark on this upcoming Wrestlemania season with the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. It is long over due, but we have finally arrived to venture down this path. Women in WWE have not been given equal billing, however they have shared in the equally poor booking that has become the stale repetitive nature that the WWE writers have used to the level of pure disrespect. The “Women’s Evolution” has begun to turn the tides, in 2017 we were witness to several “First Time Ever’s” in the Women’s Division. First Hell in a Cell, first Ms. Money in the Bank Ladder Match, first Iron-Women match (on the main roster, Sasha Vs Bayley in NXT was first ever in WWE).

Now leading us into the First Ever Women’s Royal Rumble. This group of talented performers deserves to showcase the talent that they posses. The type of talent that not only rivals their male counterparts but at times surpass them. This Women’s Royal Rumble (WRR for the rest of the article) is going to change the game in wrestling business. It’s going to give the WWE Universe a chance to get invested more so than they have ever been. The WWE still has a lot of work to do in giving the Women of WWE the same level of trust and the same type of “Push” that the men receive. This group of women on Raw and Smackdown Live are the strongest overall group that the WWE has ever had. Of course WWE has had many talented performers before this group obviously All Time Greats like Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah. To Lita and Trish Stratus, to Beth Phoenix and Victoria just to name a few.  Some of whom may even be a surprise entrant or two in this historic First Ever WRR. (Just speculation on my part, I have no inside information about this.)

However, as previously stated this is a crucial time because the WWE need to start booking better, the booking tends to be done with such linear focus that only one storyline arch involving the Women is shown at a time on WWE programming. In 2018 this must change. This group is talented and will continue to group together and it is vitally important that they be given the creative assistance to do just that. If the WWE continues it’s lackluster booking of this division it will fall endanger of becoming the Cruiserweight Division. Such promise and high levels of greatness could have been achieved in the Cruiserweight division but a lack of clear direction and focus derailed the division before it could get started. So the WWE must give the Women’s Division the focus, attention and care it deserves. These ladies have earned that because with each opportunity that they have been given they have pushed ahead, they have carved a new path and they have broken through the glass ceiling. So it’s time to give them a bigger spotlight.

This WRR will be that first step but the WWE needs to keep it’s foot on the gas and continue pushing the envelop and allowing the talented Women’s Division to keep progressing, to keep evolving. Give them so direction and allow them to grow into the story, to grow into their characters. The WWE for obvious reasons can not go back to the “Attitude Era” nor do they need to but one aspect from that era that needs to return is some creative freedom for the wrestler. Promos (An in-character interview or monologue) in the “Attitude Era” weren’t so scripted as they are now, that’s what made the moments so special made them feel so genuine, it’s because they were. It’s always been said that the best characters in the wrestling business are the characters that are merely an extension of the individuals personality with the volume turned all the way up. Allow the Women’s Division to start this turn back to the art form that Pro Wrestling can be. WWE CEO Vince McMahon has always said he’s in the entertainment business, well what’s more entertaining that believable characters that one can truly rally behind.

Pro wrestling is a world in which all people can relate even if they don’t think they can. Who wouldn’t want to enact revenge on a malicious boss the way Stone Cold did on the Mr. McMahon character, who can’t relate to the young child growing up to become their heroes like AJ Lee/Lita and Sasha Banks/Eddie Guerrero. A world where we can suspend our disbelief with life and just witness the magic that pro wrestling can bring. This is a world that the Women’s Division in WWE can bring forth to new heights, where they can achieve new levels of success like never before. A world where they inspire the next generation of WWE Women’s Division Superstars.

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